Comal Iron (29cm diameter)

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Comal (29cm diameter) Carbon Steel Brand: Almet Made in Mexico As its Aztec name (comalli) suggests, the Comal has its roots in Mexico since Ancient times, however they are also widely used throughout Central and South America. It is an essential tool used in many applications such as in preparing tortillas, toasting spices, and roasting vegetables. They are also used to sear meat, and prepare recipes such as quesadillas. In many Hispanic households, the Comal are handed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms since they become seasoned over the years. These Carbon Steel Comals are very durable and properly taken care of will last for years, and are most lighter in weight over cast iron ones. The Carbon Steel Comal, like cast iron skillets or woks, becomes seasoned and lend the foods cooked on them little extra hint of flavor, unlike modern nonstick ones that lend nothing to the food. The dry roasting of ingredients on a hot Comal builds layers of flavors with the charred skins of the vegetables adding extra flavors.