Again and again, Mexico will surprise you with new experiences, a different flavor, a unique adventure, or a place waiting captivate.

In 2015 the governments of Mexico and the United Kingdom decided to celebrate the "Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom" and the "Year of the United Kingdom in Mexico" or mxuk2015 to promote better understanding between the two societies.

In the calendar year of 2016/2017 the governments of Mexico and the Germany agreed on a Dual Year or mxde2016/2017 to strengthen their strategic relationship and give impetus to various projects between their two societies.

Who We Are

LaTiendita is a young creative company entrepreneurial people, looking to combine the urban style of Mexico with European culture. Inspiration by both worlds that is what LaTiendita is all about. To combine both cultures in a globalized World. LaTiendita is a concept of Made in Mexico Limited operating within trade between Mexico and the UK. Other concepts of Made in Mexico Limited are:

The founder is born and bred in Mexico, but lived her professional life in San Francisco, and had the opportunity to travel to most European capitals, before settling in London. The co-founder is European, lived most of his professional life in New York, before returning to Europe, to settle in London as well. LaTiendita trades Mexican Groceries & Candy online and in stores. LaTiendita also presents Mexican restaurants and events on our social media sites, as we gradly promote news related to Mexican Grocery & Candy products. LaTiendita sources its products from Mexico, and Mexican whole sellers. Constantly, we review and expand our range of products to serve our costumers needs best possible. We are always on the lookout for Mexican product reviews to make sure our products are authentic, genuine of best quality, and has a story to tell. We are located in South West London with operations, warehouse, distribution, and a store. Our products are shipped throughout UK, and all Europe. Please enquire for events, or other needs, we are here to help. You can always expect an answer! LaTiendita works 24/7 for you!

The Team of LaTiendita

LaTiendita is a concept of Made in Mexico Limited, 71 Townmead Road, Fulham, London SW6 2ST.


WhatsApp: +44 757 210 1383 Email: Company No. 08576673, Registered in England & Wales